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Hoists & Crane Duty Motors 

Introduction :-

Crane and Hoist duty motors from Bharat Bijlee are ideal for frequent starts / stops and reversing.

They are also used for applications such as materials handling, weirs and sluices, lifts of all types and auxiliary motors in rolling-mills or wherever intermittent drives are required.

They conform to IS : 325-for Three-Phase Induction Motors and IS : 4722 for rotating electrical machines.

The size of the motor is governed by the mechanical effects of starting and braking functions, the type of control and the number of switching per hour.  The rated output, the number starts / hour and the inertia ( i.e. load GD2 + rotor GD2 ) are interdependent.

Suitable for diverse duties

Rotor type and identification of motors

Motors with Integral Brakes 
These motors can be supplied with integral fail safe D.C. brakes in frame sizes upto 132M with built in rectifiers ( so that no separate supply is required. )  The braking torque values are :

Frame size : 71  80  90S/L  100L  112M  132S/M

Braking torque Kgm : 0.5   1     2     4       5 or 6         5 or 6

These are of TEFC construction, smaller than the surface cooled motors used conventionally.

Enquiries :

The following information  should be included :

a)  Application
b)  Voltage and frequency + variations.
c)  Ambient temperature, and type of protection required.
d)  Mounting.
e)  No. of starts / stops per hour with duty and CDF.
f)   Load GD2 at motor speed.
g)  Load Torque; or Torque / Speed curve of driven equipment.
h)  Duty cycle diagram, if other other than those described earlier.



Slipring motors are used for systems specifying limitations on starting current, for high inertia drives and for frequent starting.  The motors are eminently suitable for high mechanical and electrical stresses encountered under heavy duty conditions such as excavating machinery, scrapers and winders, straightening machines, stone crushers, main and auxiliary drives in rolling mills etc.  These motors are well suited for 'smooth starting'  drives by suitably stepping the starting resistance.  They can also be used for variable speed drives, particularly for short periods and within a small speed range.


The sliprings at the drive end are accessible through hinged covers on the top.  The brush block assembly can hence easily be replaced as a whole without dismantling the motor.

The terminal box on top of the motor, contains 6 terminals for stator and 3 for rotor and 4 cable entries ( 2 on each side as viewed from driven end.)

Cane Unloader Motors

*  300 Starts / Stops Per Hour
*  Robust Squirrel Cage Construction
*  Replaces Slipring Motors
*  Forced Cooling
*  Built-In-Thermal Protection
*  Minimum Maintenance
*  Compact Design,

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