Bharat Bijlee Motors

Increased Safety Motors Ex 'E'

Increased Safety Motors Ex 'E'

Type ME 0.12kW - 90kW,
Frame -63-280M
Type MI 0.37kW - 315kW,
Frame 71-355L

Improved Efficiency - Type - ME 0.12kW - 90kW, Frame -63-280M
High Type - Type MI 0.37kW-315kW, Frame 71-355L
Motors are also offered in multi speed and non standard outputs / voltages / frequencies. These motors can be used in Zone 2 areas as per IS 5572 / IEC 60079-7:2001

Salient features of TEFC Standard Motors :

Terminals and Connection :
❖ External connections of client's power cable to the motor terminals in terminal box must be rigidly gripped and secured against loosening and twisting. This is achieved with the help of a specially designed Terminal Plate provided in the Terminal Box.

Terminal Box :
❖ The motors in frame size 63 to 80, 180, 250 to -355 are provided with terminal box on top. Side T Box can be provided on request in frame sizes 180 and above. The terminal box for frame size 90S to 160L is fitted on the right hand side, seen from the driving end. Terminal box on left-hand side can also be provided in frame size 90S to 160Lon request. An earthing terminal is provided in the Terminal Box.
❖ Terminal Boxes in frame sizes 63 to 355L can be rotated through 360° in steps to 90° to suit the cable location.

Air-gap :
Radial air-gap of the motors is such that the minimum air gap values specified in IS: 6381 are fully satisfied

Enclosure :
❖ AIncreased Safety Motors have a degree of protection IP55 in accordance with IS: 4691 as a standard feature. In addition, all flange motors (B5 and B14) have Oil Tight Shaft (OTS) protection. ❖ Motors with V1, V5 and V18 mountings are provided with a canopy fitted on the top of the fan cowl

Winding and Rotor Cage :
❖ The stator winding and rotor cage are so designed that the limiting temperature specified in IS: 6381 are not exceeded even at the end of time tE.

Name Plate :
❖ Stainless steel name plate is provided with each motor. Over and above the normal name plate details, other data such as time tE, starting current, temperature-Class, type of protection, approval certification etc. are also provided.

Paint :
❖ Acid Alkali Proof epoxy paint is provided on all motors.

Certification :
❖ ME motors are approved by PESO, Nagpur. A declaration to this effect is incorporated on the name plate.