Bharat Bijlee Motors

Non Sparking Motors Ex 'N'

Non Sparking Motors Ex 'N'

Type MN 0.12kW-90kW,
Frame -63-280M.
Type MS 0.37kW-315kW,
Frame 71-355L

Type - MN 0.12kW-90kW , Frame -63-280M
Type - MS 0.37kW-315kW, Frame 71-355L

Motors are also offered in multi speed and non standard outputs / voltages / frequencies. These motors can be used in Zone 2 areas as per IS 5572/ IEC60079-15 : 2005.

Salient features of TEFC Standard Motors :

❖ Ex 'n' Motors, provides protection against auto-ignition of surrounding gases/ vapours. These motors conform to IS: 8289 and IS: 9628 and can be used in zone 2 areas.
❖ The surface temperature does not exceed 200°C i.e. Temperature class T3
❖ The Terminal Box has degree of protection IP55
❖ A drain plug is provided on the end shields to remove condensed water
❖ The terminal plate is of a special design such that the terminals are protected against loosening under vibrations
❖ The radial air gap of the motors is such that the minimum air gap values specified in IS: 6381 are fully satisfied